About Balloon Events

When to See the Balloons

All balloon flights, glows and tethers are early and late in the day. The best time to arrive at the field is at, or before, 6:00am for morning flights and 6:00pm for evening events.

Since hot air balloons go where the wind takes, them pilots are at the mercy of nature. The best times for balloon flights are early in the morning and late in the afternoon because, at those times, the winds are calmest and most predictable.

Get Close to the Balloons

The Alabama Jubilee is one of the few balloon events remaining that allows the public to walk on the field during balloon launches and operations. The public is encouraged to ask pilots questions and to get close to the balloons. Some spectators even get pulled into crewing spontaneously!

While you are on the field, please remember to follow the rules and comply with all pilot requests. Do not touch the balloon equipment or walk over the teather lines unless you are cleared to do so by the pilot or crew members.

Daily Balloon Events


Saturday morning is the Morgan County Commission Hare & Hound race. In this event, balloons try to follow a 'hare' that will land and set out a target they will drop been-bags on. During the evening, the balloons light up the night with a balloon glow.


Sunday morning, the balloons fly into the field in the Lynn Layton Key Grab. In this race, they attempt to grab a ring from the top of a tall pole. During Sunday evening many balloons also offer free tethered rides, while some choose to fly.


Would you like to get involved and crew for a balloon?  See our crewing informaiton on the 'For Pilots & Crew' page.